Only a few games to go until the end of the League Season and things are panning out nicely for all Folkestone teams with most looking to finish mid table.  The Men’s Firsts have avoided their customary relegation struggle and the Ladies Firsts are doing well against quality opposition.  Even the Men’s Seconds can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Well so much for the hockey – the majority of each Saturday is spent in the bar so I’ll concentrate there.  The social side of the club has been strong again this year – I’d like to thank all those involved with the Auction Night which raised around £1200.  We had a record number of items and promises donated (particular thanks to those who gave) and those present on the night spent (and drank) generously.

Pete Sumpter has done an excellent job with the bar.  The choice of Lager is limited to Carling but you can pick any one of three pumps to get it from.  The IPA tastes excellent at the moment so a chance for the Lager boys to convert.

Easter prep is coming along superbly with 40+ teams already confirmed.  The weekend will be superb as always.  The call will soon go out to help behind the bar so please respond positively.

Finally some unanswered questions

  1. Why did Ali Walls spend £30 to visit his own sister?
  2. Why was Fresh dropped to the 2nds (he’s asking the question not me)
  3. What happened to the lifesize figure Penny bought at the Auction?
  4. Why is the beer so shit at Herne Bay?
  5. Does Danny Payne live at the club?
  6. Where does Rodney sleep now when Pam locks the door?

Answers on a postcard to the clubhouse.  First prize gets a pint of Carling, second prize gets two.